7 Guaranteed Tips on Lasting Happiness


There are many tips on lasting happiness out there and I’m sure that you’ve all heard that if you want to be happy, you have to succeed first. The truth is that you first have to be happy and then success comes next.

You might be wondering how you can live a happy life before you can succeed. Let’s take a look at tips on lasting happiness that prove that this is not always the case. Below are simple tips on lasting happiness and how you can effectively bring happiness into your life.

1. Let go of your past and your past mistakes

Many of you tend to hold onto your past and your past mistakes for too long that you end up ripping off from yourselves the joy and happiness that you deserve. Instead, learn from your past mistakes and use them as a stepping stone to be better. If there are amends to be made, make them.

Never let your past cloud your present, most especially if you are holding onto something that you can never go back in time and change. Just do what you can to make things right, but don’t let it affect your inner peace of mind.

2. Let go of all that wears you down

Whether it’s a business that wears you down, or not having enough money to purchase something that you have always wanted and admired, but cannot have; remember that as long as you set your mind to it, you will have it someday but don’t beat yourself up.

Also, weariness comes with sadness and lack of strength which in turn affects your health. Happiness, on the other hand, improves your health.

Learn to let go of that which you cannot handle at that particular moment. Don’t try to carry something that is too heavy for you, but instead carry one that you can handle. Handle one issue at a time and you will eventually sort everything out without stressing too much. It might take a while, but in the end, you will arrive at your destination.

3. Be yourself 

People will always criticize, whether you are doing the right thing or not. Stop thinking of what others will think. They will not live your life for you.

You want to buy that dress, house, etc. that your friend or people are talking so much about? Are you buying it for them or is it really what you want. Many people buy things because they are trending, but do you really need them?

If you are buying that house because you heard someone say that it looked nice, think again. Do something that will make you as an individual feel contented and not for others to see. It might not be expensive, but when you wear that shirt, you feel like you are worth a billion dollars and smile all the way to work. Go for it and stay happy.

4. Healthy competition

Competition is good but healthy competition is the best. Yes, you might want to get there fast and also stand out among other successful people. However, don’t start a business today and expect that in two months you will have opened several other branches and already became a millionaire.

Dwelling on always checking what others are doing and copying them won’t get you anywhere. Get creative and figure out how to bring out something unique and which is different from the rest.

Competing with others with no proper goal is frustrating, mostly when we don’t see any progress and yet the other person seems to be doing quite well. The frustration, in turn, brings us sadness and deprives us of any happiness.

5.  Determine what makes you happy 

Figure out the source of your happiness and try as much as you can to be happy. It doesn’t have to be something big, even if just by spending your afternoon by the beach, feeling the cool breeze brush against your face you feel happy and at peace, do it.

Go and spend a few hours of silence and calmness and come back feeling fresh and alive. Seize every opportunity that you get to be happy and do this as frequently as you can.

6. Make others happy

tips on lasting happiness

Your concern for others can also be your source of happiness. A friend of mine who is a doctor always tells me how treating people makes her happy. Just by serving others and seeing that she can help them get better makes her feel fulfilled and contented.

Another one told me how good he feels when he notices that his family is happy. That alone makes him feel that he has achieved the greatest success in life. Through the patient and family’s happiness, they are at peace by knowing that the people that they care so much about are fine.

A smile alone is enough to make someone happy. It’s not a must that you give out something, but every day, try and smile at someone, after a while, you will notice that you develop some sense of peace in your heart.

7. Stop believing that only material things will bring you happiness

Happiness doesn’t come from material things. Do you think that once you buy that television it will bring you happiness? Well, you are neither wrong nor right because it all depends on why you bought it in the first place.

Some time back all I thought was that if I have a place of my own with everything I wanted then I will finally be happy. What I have realized over the years is that even after achieving all that, I wasn’t really happy.

Most of these items you rarely use and most of you understand what I mean. You have that soundbar or hi-fi system in your house that you rarely use. Yes, you couldn’t wait to buy it, but it might be currently in your living room like some form of decoration.

Make use of these tips on lasting happiness to change your story. Stop chasing happiness by buying material things. If you must, buy them if you have to, but material things won’t make you happy. Inner peace will. You can find inner peace through contentment and living positively. Also do daily exercises like inner peace yoga practices, inner peace yoga therapy among others to make your life more fulfilling.

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