Top 5 Overlooked Ways of Overcoming Fear

overlooked ways of overcoming fear

What causes fear in your life and what are some of the commonly overlooked ways of overcoming fear? Though it is natural for us to fear something in our lives, is this the end or can you look beyond the fear?

Fear can either be the fear of the known or fear of the unknown. For example, you might be afraid of something, someone or of taking an action because you fear the outcome. However, you should not let fear overcome and take control of your life. There are many overlooked ways of overcoming fear. Read on to find out more about ways of overcoming fear.

Dealing with fear

For you to effectively overcome your fears you need to learn to face your fears and shut down any voices in your head that whispers otherwise. Psychology also discourages us against fear because it can have a negative impact, especially if it gets to a certain extent.

One of the questions you should ask yourself is, What do you fear the most in your life? Is it the fear of failure or that people will treat you differently for that decision that you are about to make?

Secondly, what exactly makes you always change your mind whenever you are about to make a change? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself whenever you feel scared.

Where do you start from?

1. Figure out what you truly want

Doing nothing about your fears can lead to depression, especially if you don’t snap out of it fast. Success in overcoming your fears and seeing your dreams become a reality doesn’t have to be so difficult. The action you take when in fear has an impact on how your future is going to turn out.

Actions to take:

Think of what you want to start.

Is it a business that you want to start or a side job? If it’s a side hustle and you are currently employed, ensure that it doesn’t affect your job by letting someone run it for you and then pass by and check on how it’s’ doing after work. With time you can think of leaving your job once the business is stable.

If you are searching for a job, figure out in which industry and note down the companies that you would like to contact or even visit.

2. Plan how to achieve your goals

You cannot just start a clothing business without knowing where your stock will come from. Make a plan when you would like to start and list down the resources you will need such as the list of the requirements. If it’s a job, whether you are just from college or want a career change, make copies of the required papers and skills that you will need.

3. Take action

After knowing exactly when you need to start and ensuring that you have all that is needed to start, put the plan into action. Make the final touches and get ready to explore the opportunities lying ahead. If you are opening a business, plan on when you will do the official opening and invite some friends to help you launch it.

This will also be a good step since they can help you with marketing as well. If it’s an online business, reach out to people and make them aware of what you are doing.

Always start with what you have no matter how small it might be.

4. Believe in yourself and erase any disbelief

There are so many people out there with great ideas that have never materialized. While there are those that take inspired action by going ahead and implementing their plans into action, there are those who have doubts about whether it will truly work. If this is your type of thinking and mentality, then nothing will work for you. Starting something with the notion that it will not work is a bad start.

Others will start on the right foot, but stop midway because they have encountered a certain challenge along the way. If you encounter such a situation, learn to have a positive mindset and even if at some point you face a setback, just find a solution. There is always a way out and you will make it through.

Questions like “how you to treat your clients” should not worry you. Begin with the first step and as you continue, some of these questions will be answered along the way. You will eventually realize that with time you will meet people doing what you do who will also give you an insight on how to handle certain issues.

5. Visualize success

visualize it TAKE A DEEP BREATH achieve peace-woman-happiness-pause

You need to learn to face your fears and shut down any negative voices in your head that whisper otherwise. Psychology also discourages us against fear because it can reach greater lengths that can turn negatively on us, especially if it gets to a certain extent. Always look at the brighter side as you continue making that dream a reality.

Finally, remember to always look at the bright side, face that fear  and beat these overlooked ways of overcoming fear. It might not be an easy journey, but keep pressing on. Setbacks will always come, but just like a storm, they will not stay for long. Figure out how to overcome them and keep moving forward. Even successful people have faced tough situations, but they chose not to give up.

You will make it through and as Ijeoma Umebinyuo once said…

“Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with a voice trembling, but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just… start.”