Why the term “Never Give Up” is sometimes not practical

never give up

“Never give up” is a term that has been used for centuries, but sometimes isn’t as practical as you might think. I’m sure that you have heard of it or come across it at some point. There are many motivational speakers who will tell you to “Never Give Up”. This is in an effort to keep you going and not lose hope, but one thing most of them fail to tell you is how to get through that phase of your life when you lack the strength to keep going.

For those who really understand the impact of something that drains away our strength, then deep down we know how hard it can be to actually “Never Give Up”. But, the question that you should ask yourself, “What can you do when you get to this point?” To that point when you feel like the whole world is crashing under your feet and you have no strength left to move on?

How do we get from the point that holds you from breaking free to a point when you are truly free? To a point where you do not fall into depression due to circumstances that wear you down and drain your strength. Below are a few simple tips that I’m sure will definitely help you out.

1. Cry if you have to

Tears have a way of clearing our pains and sorrows. Yes, you got that right. It’s good to cry. Crying might not offer a permanent solution to your problem, but it helps you to get rid of any anger you might feel, reduces feelings of hopelessness and feeling that you are never good enough because something or someone made you feel so and it enables you to focus better afterward.

2. Look at what you have achieved so far

Take a deep breathe, relax and be grateful for what you already have. It might not seem that much, but, remember that there is someone somewhere in a worse situation than yours. Gratitude has a way of helping us appreciate our strengths and realize that no matter how hard life might hit us, we can still make it through. Life always has its ups and down and if you haven’t experienced these moments, then I don’t think you have known what life truly is.

3. Practice Journaling

There are vast journaling benefits. Have a journaling diary to write down your journaling goals. Use journaling as therapy and include the things that you are grateful for. This might be your family, friends, spouse, shelter, food or anything that is in your life. By starting with being grateful, it opens the way for you to you realize that you are richer and more privileged than many others. It also clears your doubts, fears, and pain to know that you didn’t come this far just to surrender to the circumstances surrounding you.

Journaling also prevents you from lashing out in anger and having regrets. We all know how negatively anger can affect us and those around us.

I personally do a lot of journaling and I must say, I journal a lot, especially when at my lowest point. I know how easy it can be to be blinded by the negativity around us to an extent of not seeing the best in ourselves. By putting down in writing my thoughts of gratitude and how I truly feel, I am usually able to get a starting point on what I should do next.

4. Focus on the next step

Determine the situation you are in that makes you want to give up. Is it something that you can find a solution to? If YES, find a solution. If your answer in a NO, then it might be high time you focus on something positive that will make you not only feel better but also better your life.

I was at a point when I wanted to quit because my current situation was not only killing me on the inside but also draining my strength. I had lost all the motivation that I needed and all I wanted to do was leave. But, it took a lot of strength to calm down.

5. Action point to Never give up

A wise man once told me, when it gets to a point that you cannot go on, weigh your options and even if it means walking away from what is draining you is the best choice you can ever make, no matter how difficult it might seem, then, WALK AWAY.

Forget about the fear of having to start again and choose your freedom, peace of mind and free your soul from negative entanglements. Starting again does not mean that you are giving up, but simply that you are opening a way for better opportunities.


Understand that nothing and no one has a right to make you feel less worthy than you are or deprive you of the happiness that you deserve. Walk away from anything that drains your strength, most especially if you have tried so hard to find a solution with no success. There are better opportunities and a better life out there.

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