How Happiness Impacts Positively on You

In my previous post, I touched on a few tips on lasting happiness. This blog post is a continuation that shows you how being happy can have a positive impact on your life.

Many would say that being happy is a difficult thing to do, but I tend to disagree. Being happy is a choice and we can all choose to be happy with our lives if we take into consideration what I previously posted.

So, let me go straight to some of the benefits of being happy and maintaining that happiness.

1.  It changes lives

That child, friend or spouse that you raise your voice to every time that you are unhappy and frustrated isn’t always happy and comfortable around you whenever you are in that foul mood. I know of someone who always complained of the other family members not understanding her, but how does one understand someone that’s always bitter and unhappy?

Nobody wants to hang around somebody who is always unhappy and complaining about everything because to some extent we all need someone to speak something encouraging to us.

Once you get rid of that bad attitude, you will realize that people will be happier around you and even if it’s family time, the mood would be much better.

2.   It lowers stress

An unhappy state most of the time is caused by too much pressure. It might be pressure to deliver at work, school, etc. which brings about feelings of stress, which can either be mental or emotional.

When you are happy, you can easily tackle any situation with a clear mind and thinking and lessen any chances of feeling pressured.

3.   It improves your health

When you are happy and less pressurized, your mental and physical state is at rest and functions normally. Have you ever felt drained and tired after thinking too much or trying to resolve an issue you couldn’t find a solution to? Some of us even get headaches and this is not good for your health.

4.   It makes you successful

I know you must be asking yourself “How can being happy make me successful?”

Try recalling a time when you were happy and when you were sad. When you are sad, your brain gets tired fast and you cannot think much. All you have negative thoughts and it’s actually these thoughts that make you unhappy.

When you are happy, you get a lot of great ideas on what you can do to improve this or that in your life. Your brain actively works towards brighter thoughts and all you see are things working out that you might not have had even the slightest idea. You feel hopeful and that you can achieve all that you want.

You can even plan for something and implement it during this moment. But remember, planning alone isn’t enough; you need to implement those ideas into something. Act on them. This will be the first step in your path to success.

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