Do you frequently use the words “I’m fine”? This is for you

The words “Am fine” are quite commonly used, mostly by ladies to either hide their feelings or avoid problems. I know that most of us use these two words “Am fine”, even when we aren’t.

Every time that you are asked “How are you?” all you reply is “Am fine”. Why do we use these words, even when we are shattered into pieces, even when the storm rages in our hearts and we feel torn apart? When we get back to our homes that’s when reality hits us and we break down and cry.

At times, you have so much that you are hiding and cannot trust anyone with your secrets. This opens a doorway for depression to kick in. You hide your scars and pain out of fear of rejection.

Today, I want you to know that you are not alone. Take a moment and look into your heart.

1.    Stop holding back those tears

I want you to release all that pain and cry out all that you have stored up inside. There might be a heaviness in your heart that has been getting heavier day by day and is hidden by that beautiful smile. Whether it’s a divorce, foreclosure, bad marriage, painful breakup, whatever it might be that makes you suffer or moments that you were told you weren’t good enough and you felt that people didn’t like you and accept you, let it out.

2.    Stop looking at what people on social media are saying

People will always talk, even your own friends will speak against you and criticize you at some point and get you discouraged. Some people out there know nothing better than to break down into pieces other people’s dreams and plans.

The society will also criticize you to a point where you just want to be left alone or get scared of trying out something new. Even your own family whom you expect to stand by you might judge you and discourage you.

3.    Understand that we cannot always control what happens to us

We cannot change what has already happened, but we can change what happens next. Forgive yourself for those past mistakes because if you don’t, you will never be able to let go. Yes, you will fail, but why not try again? No one has to accept you for you to feel good enough.

4.    Believe that you are good enough

You don’t have to hold on to your pain. Don’t use all the bad memories and experience to enslave yourself. What happened isn’t a punishment and by embracing your pain, you will learn how to deal with it.

Have you ever asked yourself how birds survive? They fly around and do not have storage for food, but still, they survive.  Laugh and create even better memories which will overshadow that depression and frustration.

After reading this blog post, make that choice to move on. Speak words of healing into your life and bring peace into your heart. Believe in yourself and don’t listen to that voice that whispers telling you that you are a failure and aren’t good enough.

5.    Be courageous

That plan that you never put into action, take that step and act on it. That phone call that you’ve been delaying from making to your mother or father whom you have not spoken to for years? Pick up the phone and call her/ him.

Several years down the line you will realize that you did it, you made it through an experience that you never thought would pass. Make it fine in the inside and not just on the outside.

You have to surrender it all, the pain, disappoints and everything that makes you feel low. It is not just healthy for you, but it will even make those around you feel better. Make a decision to change your situation.

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