What a simple act of kindness can do

a simple act of kindness

It is quite normal and human for people to want to feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes a simple act of kindness is all that you need to change how you feel or make others feel. The same way you love your pet, show some love and be willing to help those in need.

Though most of the time people look at kindness and giving something broad, this is not true. By just a simple and small act of kindness, you can get satisfaction and impact someone else’s life.

Whenever you hear someone speak of giving, this does not always mean that they are billionaires. It’s common to find people scorning or complaining that they don’t have enough money to give. They tend to forget that even billionaires still feel that they don’t have enough.

Remove the scarcity mindset

Believing that you cannot give based on your finances is a scarcity mindset that we should consider getting rid of. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of the phrase that “like attracts like”. If you think that you don’t have enough, then you will never have enough. So, start a kindness campaign by helping out even with the little that you have.

Many at times people focus too much on their finances and bank account balances which limits their ability to help others. But, sometimes it’s not about what is in your bank account, but rather what’s in your heart.

I proved this sometime back when something happened and this really taught me that it doesn’t matter how much you have, if deep down in your heart you feel that it’s the right thing to do and it would make you feel that you have made a difference, then do it.

My personal story from what a simple act of kindness can do

One day as I was walking in my hometown, a homeless kid came to me and said that he had not eaten since morning. I was a bit skeptical at first since I wasn’t sure if he would indeed use the money for food or buy drugs (most homeless kids on the streets sniff glue to sleep and believe that it keeps them warm during the night).

The person I was with told me that there are a lot of fake people out there who pretend and just want your money so I shouldn’t help. I left, but as I walked away, I realized that there was some heaviness in my heart. I looked back and the boy was still staring at me, so I called him.

He came and one thing that he said really touched me “Please mum, just help me with some money so that I can buy some food. If you doubt that I want to buy food and might buy drugs then please, buy me some food”.

I was hurt and resonated with his condition since I come from an area where every day I witness the effects of drug abuse. I walked into the supermarket and bought some bread and milk. Though it wasn’t much, he surprised me by what he did with the food. He called other street kids, sat down and they all ate together. This made me feel that I’d made a difference in his life.

What I learnt from the boy by this loving act and his kindness.

1. Giving brings so much joy and peace

Just by helping someone else it brings so much peace in our hearts. By this, I don’t mean “ego” so don’t help someone and then go posting all over social media. This would only mean you are helping to get attention and are focused on feeding your ego and pride. Simply help as an act of kindness to change someone else’s life and with no expectations.

2. Sometimes we judge when we shouldn’t

After what he did I realize that the boy had a compassionate heart enough to share his food with the other street kids, but I also learnt a valuable lesson. We all need to learn to be there for those who are needy, not be too quick to judge based on appearances lest we miss out on an opportunity to make a difference. Sometimes God gives us a chance to help, but we always look back and miss out due to our own negative assumptions.

This kind gesture made me realize that I had a passion for the needy. Even though you might not have much at the time, you have the ability to change someone else’s life, no matter how small or little our resources might seem. You just need to make an effort and act.

3. Not everyone will understand

Not everyone will understand your actions, accept them or the path that you choose to take. Some will criticize you and even try to make you feel like you made the biggest mistake of your life. But, that’s their problem. As long as you know that you are doing the right thing and on the right path, follow it courageously to your destination.

4. Follow your intuition

If deep down in your heart you have the urge and feel that you need to do something, go ahead and do it. Above all, do it with a clean heart and happily ensuring that there are no regrets afterward. Not doing it will often bring feelings of unworthiness which can affect your positivity.

Don’t always complain and do nothing. Whatever you want to do, do it as long as it’s the right thing and never focus on what other people might think. Kind actions have a positive impact both on you as well as the person you chose to help. Always do what you can to show some kindness to others.