Are You a Victim of Circumstances? Learn How to Take Control of Your Life

Are there events in your life weighing you down and making you feel less worthy? If your answer is Yes, then you are the person this message is meant for. The question you should first ask yourself is, “Do you want to change your life for the better?”

I have heard so many people say that life is hard and that they don’t see any progress in anything that they do. Some even put the blame on the type of family setup and background they come from.

How you grew up should not be reason enough for you to give up. Yes, I’ll repeat it; that violent or rough upbringing should not be an excuse neither should that domestic violence as a woman weigh you down to the point of thinking that your situation is permanent. No family is perfect.

Just because you don’t feel lucky or don’t live lavishly and happily like someone else doesn’t mean that it is your fault. It also doesn’t mean that the other people deserved it more than you, but you are just but a “victim of circumstances

That promotion at work isn’t happening; why not change your strategy? Work smart and don’t put too much hope in case it doesn’t pay up or else you will end up frustrated and this will make you performance poor which might even worsen your situation.

You are an accident victim and were left paralyzed or are sick with a condition that even the doctors seem not have any treatment to, that’s not the end of life. Try and uplift your spirit.

Do something that you love and try to make every minute of your life count. You can also go for therapy. People are living in worse conditions out there and still see the meaning of life.

Fear should not hold you back

Take a look at Nick Vujicic who doesn’t have any hands or legs. He was born with this condition yet he keeps encouraging those that are hopeless. Nick is a great inspiration to millions around the world; both those who are physically challenged as well as those that are not.

He is a beautiful story and an encouragement that your current state shouldn’t give you a reason to give up hope for a normal, happy and successful future. He has managed to have a family and is a proud father.

Instead, use that situation to want better and work hard to change your situation. No one is happy to be in these circumstances, but until you get fed up and make a choice to move on, you will be that bitter person that will never progress.

You are a victim of those circumstances that you might not have had control over, but it’s your choice whether you will continue to be a victim or work towards being a victor.

Take a bold step and refuse to stay in that situation and head towards a brighter future. You deserve so much better and can achieve it.


Change your story from being a victim of circumstance to a beautiful story that would impact, bring hope and change the lives of many others. Make a decision today on which path to follow;

  • Do you want to stay in that same position and stay unhappy or?
  • Do you want to be a happy and lively person always seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? … ONLY YOU can make the choice.
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