How To Unlock Your Full Breakthrough: Bitter can get better


Have you ever thought you need a breakthrough in your life?

We have all had those moments when we feel that life has not been fair and we are left bitter. You are not alone, but you can bring change and only you have that capability. Change is essential in such a state. It doesn’t matter who you are, or your background. You need to change your thinking.

I know the feeling; the loneliness and the silence. At times all you want to do is just live in your own cocoon not wanting to let anyone in for fear of rejection. Feeling that you aren’t worthy. You stay away from your loved ones and keep your distance. You feel broken, empty and lost.

Life can leave you bitter to an extent of not seeing the opportunities lying ahead. You might be a writer, but with no words to write. Hurt from bad events that have occurred in your life. This scares you and leaves you unsure of what life has in store for you.

The best that most of us can do is cry. It’s alright to cry; for it lessens the pain and your heart feel less heavy afterward.

How best can you handle all those negative thoughts in your mind?

Keep on walking and don’t look back. Do what you love to do. It might seem far and at times you tend to wonder whether walking is the best choice but what more will you lose? As long as you have hope, even the tiniest bit, that hope will keep you going.

You will stumble and fall several times, but you need to gather up some energy and courage and stand. Limp, jog, walk or even run if you have to but keep moving.

Change your thinking and attitude and believe that things will get better. As you walk, you will come across bridges and walls, but always believe that the grass on that other side of the bridge is greener than where you are NOW.

Remember that we have seasons; summer, winter, autumn and spring and summer will always come even after it snows. The seasons will change.

Some of us believe in God and praying and trusting in him keeps us moving. There are others that don’t believe that God exists. All that I can tell you is that there are forces beyond us and as long as you believe that things will get better and keep going all will be well. It will get better.

What can you do as a start?

  1. Plan for every single day the moment you wake up. Go into every new dawn believing that ahead of you is a beautiful start with opportunities for greater things to come. Set a target as to what it is you want to achieve for that day. Whenever a negative thought crops up, brush it off.
  2. Erase any negativity. Believe that you can go beyond the setbacks.
  3. Don’t ever look back at your past mistakes and dwell on their negative consequences, but look at what those mistakes have taught you. Focus on that and learn from them.
  4. At the end of every day, note down whether you achieved the number 1 target above. If yes, that’s a big up for you. If not, point out what went wrong or what you can do differently to achieve it.

Turn that pain into victory. Just practice the above every single day and believe that it’s impacting positively on you.

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