Welcome to Towering High. I am Faith Masika; a blogger and passionate writer. I know that you already have questions popping up just after reading the first two sentences. Let me see how best I can answer them.

My passion to motivate through writing and blogging started several years back. After a series of setbacks and challenging life experiences, I realized that bitter experiences aren’t your end. Actually, they are your beginning. I was able to pick up pieces of my life, parched up what I had left and decided to start learning to walk again.

At a point when I felt I had no one to turn to, I gathered up the little energy that I had and believed in me. Most of us do not know where to start and have no one to turn to during the darkest hours. This makes us only see the impossible out of a situation we can get out of.

From my experience, I developed an overwhelming desire to reach out to those who at some point feel that their lives aren’t the way they want them to be. My utmost desire is to see everyone see possibilities out of the impossible and work towards achieving all that they want.

We are here for anyone that has the desire to change their lives for the better or who might just need a nudge.

Feel free to get in touch…